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About UCEX

UC Exchange Company Limited is a leading IT solution provider since 2005. With the proliferation of IT products and service management strategies today, it is a trend that calls are increasing for more efforts at professional services.  As a spearhead team caters the market, UC Exchange has been playing an indispensable role to provide adequate avenues of its kind.  As the result of transient nature of demand, the company has progressively evolved from engaging mere in ordinary IT services to a total solution provider that keeps abreast of the tendency of global business outlook.

Blended of our theoretical horizons and existing pragmatic mechanism, UC Exchange assembles essiential complement of products and services to help you to decipher the innovative signal for your business.  Our one-stop seamless solutions are subsumed of email & web hosting solution, website design & development, network infrastructure & security, office & data center relocation and digital & social media marketing solution & loyalty marketing solution.  Amongst, we further developed businesses for the financial industry and apps development. In order to comply with the new disclosure regulations, we launched an investor relation (e-IR) and customer relation management solution for listed companies since 2006. And, to cater the widespread demand of smartphone application, we created some popular iphone and android apps for the sake of client's marketing purpose. By running at the edge on the IT, our versatility not only brings you the right solution that well fits into your business, it also proffers an opportunity assisting you to tackle with any challenges by reducing risks, stretching capabilities and maximizing profit.

Looking ahead, UC Exchange will continue to take on diversification whenever suitable opportunities arise.  Leveraged on our expertise and extensive experiences in the IT industry, we stress to probe deeply on any IT hotspots by our unwavering commitment of quality, efficiency and professional to you.

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