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A professional design based
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UCEXS is an exquisite design bursting with sharpness and bold, but complementary visuals; within a rich framework of emphasized typography and iconography.

Pocketwifi.com.hk , a highly user friendly travel wifi device.

Easily connect to multiple devices with high speed internet connection

We provide every online services solutions and let your business can run 7x24 anytime, anywhere.

Creative, adaptive
and ever-ready to serve you.

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One Stop iT Solution Provider
One Stop iT Solution Providerwww.ucexchange.net
One Stop iT Solution Providerwww.ucexchange.net
Total iT solution provider since 2005. Registered HKPC's IT Supplier. Developed industry expertise in Cybersecurity, Networking Digital Infrastructure, Hybrid iT, iT Computing Setup and Relocation, Apps and Software Development, POS and most of IT Hot Topics
Health Culture
Health CultureHealthculture.com.hk
Health CultureHealthculture.com.hk
This is a B2B & B2C online health care product platform established by UCEX GROUP. It is not only providing all kinds of health and PPE products worldwide, but also rendered as many famous brands distributor to maintain competitiveness
Pocketwifi Rental
Pocketwifi Rental www.pocketwifi.com.hk
Pocketwifi Rental www.pocketwifi.com.hk
Pocketwifi.com.hk is wholly owned subsidiary of UC EXCHANGE GROUP. It strives to provide clients the fastest, stable and secured internet WiFi through our online booking system.
e-IR & Financial Services
e-IR & Financial Serviceswww.irdept.com
e-IR & Financial Serviceswww.irdept.com
IRDEPT.COM provides not only professional e-IR and CompSec outsourcing services for listed companies, but also holds special financial channels that own proprietary financing structure.
Hosting & Web Design
Hosting & Web Designwww.ucdomain.com
Hosting & Web Designwww.ucdomain.com
Ucdomain.com is wholly owned subsidiary of UC EXCHANGE GROUP. We are one of the leading Hosting, Web Design, Cloud Service, and Domain Registration company stationed in Hong Kong.

Take Control of Your Business with ease,
 just concentrate to fuel up business's growth !

 With the proliferation of iT Products and Financial Service Management strategies nowadays, UCEX catered the increasing calls of high security, absolute stability and strict confidentiality services for the growth of your business.


IRDept helps you to deal with listing rules and compliance issues effortlessly!

Creative & DynamicAdaptive & FlexibleRPA & A.I. SystemHigh Security

IRDEPT aimed to tackle digital investor relation disclosure issues that are required by listing rules. The Robotic Processing Automatic System (RPA), together with integrated page builder, incorporates predefined IR features and options to ease you to develop professional corporate website with all IR functions without haywire.
We understand that the huge demand to have a qualified person to discharge functions of company secretary with reasonable cost. Our Compsec Outsourcing Service is the total solution of this compliance requirement for all listed companies.
We hold special channels that own proprietary financing structures:
  • Market Capital Management or other Strategic Planning
  • Financing Structural Consulting
  • Investors, Funders and Money Lenders Tracking
  • Brokers Position Data Analysis


With the best selected local carriers and network partners, Pocketwifi.hk and Eventwifi.hk clients are able to enjoy fastest  mobile broadband service. You are able to receive email, surfing the web, payment settlement, stay connected with clients, friends and family, making investment movement anytime and anywhere you wish!

Pocketwifi.com.hk uses WPA2 security to encrypt the Wi-Fi connections. This will keep you safe while surfing the internet and prevents others from stealing your information. Most of all, it serves network backup solution to bring sustainability of companies.
With our pocket WiFi services, you can enjoy high speed internet services all the way your trip until boarding. Simply book the WiFi with easy steps, you will not just get fastest WiFi service but also technical support all in one reasonable cost!

Pocketwifi.hk isAwesomeIncredibleIndispensible

Our clients enjoy the fastest, stable and secured internet WiFi through our online booking system with easy e-payment and delivery arrangement!



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